I disagree

I disagree. A good paralegal is worth their weight in gold and you’d be surprised how much information they have. In the US, many have taken courses to get a paralegal certificate that includes research. The paralegal may know what the attorney is thinking or can go to the attorney with your questions and call […]

The attorney client relationship is one that involves bonding

if you are not comfortable with an individual, don’t hire them as an attorney. General thoughts: Talk to friends, acquaintances, etc. If your company has an Employee Assistance Program, they may give you a referral (many attys who participate in EAP referral programs will also discount the hourly rate they charge). Meet with the attorney […]

Thanks for the update on your current case

Thanks for the update on your current case. The incidental factual details of a case can be sometimes interesting. However, the value of posted messages could be greatly enhanced if information for more general applications is included: legal strategy and pointers, applied principles of Family Law, etc. For example: “My lawyer pulled out a list […]