For an economic and sociological perspective

For an economic and sociological perspective on child support, check out the following article: Why Imbedded Alimony in Child Support Causes Perverse Behaviors – This we all know about: There is an economic incentive for one of the parents to have sole custody and exclude the other parent from the child’s upbringing. Parents are now […]

From time to time we hear arguments

From time to time we hear arguments against making child support payments based the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution prohibiting slavery or involuntary servitude except as punishment for a crime. So here’s what the the California Supreme Court stated [Brent Moss v. Superior Court]: A parent’s obligation to support a minor child is a social […]


I am new to this group. My question for the members here has anyone had any problems with past arrears that you paid in full. And then Famlily Support decides to do an update, then mails you the update stating you still owe 14,000.00 in back arrears. What a shocker. Any help would be appreciated. […]

I disagree

I disagree. A good paralegal is worth their weight in gold and you’d be surprised how much information they have. In the US, many have taken courses to get a paralegal certificate that includes research. The paralegal may know what the attorney is thinking or can go to the attorney with your questions and call […]

The attorney client relationship is one that involves bonding

if you are not comfortable with an individual, don’t hire them as an attorney. General thoughts: Talk to friends, acquaintances, etc. If your company has an Employee Assistance Program, they may give you a referral (many attys who participate in EAP referral programs will also discount the hourly rate they charge). Meet with the attorney […]

Thanks for the update on your current case

Thanks for the update on your current case. The incidental factual details of a case can be sometimes interesting. However, the value of posted messages could be greatly enhanced if information for more general applications is included: legal strategy and pointers, applied principles of Family Law, etc. For example: “My lawyer pulled out a list […]