Honest opinion, What are our chances?

I would like the honest opinion of anyone willing to give it. I want to know what you think the chances of us getting custody of my step daughter are given the following:

  1. her bio mom lives with her parents and shares a room with her (she is almost 2)
  2. bio mom has gotten several tickets for not having her in a car seat
  3. bio mom’s boyfriend is a registered sex offender (I have the link if anyone wants to see the bastard)
  4. bio mom works at Dominos Pizza and has for 2 years with no ambition of leaving
  5. her mother is constsntly hostile toward us (and everyone else) and has been repremanded by the court for it

And on our side

  1. We rent a three bedroom flat (currently we have a spare room…)
  2. My husband makes almost three times as much as bio mom and carries medical insurance
  3. We have been married one year and have two young sons in our care, one is disabled and just a month older then SD.
  4. We have never been hostile toward BM
  5. When SD starts school we will live in a MUCH better school district
  6. (and the bad point) we have never spent any real time with SD due to the fact that BM refuses to let us see her “Until she has a court order that says she has to.”

Any suggestions? We will have to give our attorney an additional 4000 before she will try the case, which we can’t afford. There is more to the situation than this but it would take days! Again, any advise? what are our chances?