Our Attorney’s fee is $150 per hour

  1. Our Attorney’s fee is $150 per hour, and we have only been in court once, other than the initial contact with her we have had to meetings or anything, She won’t return our calls even! And for this we gave her 1000 dollars? We live in a remote area of south Texas below Houston to the west of Galveston Island.
  2. She does not know the whole story because she will not return our calls to find out! We have only recently discovered the mothers boyfriend is a sex offender, and no he is not on any medication that I know of. we believe there is danger to the child and as a former victim of sexual abuse I can say that this kind of threat it NOT acceptable. However the courts may not agree And we have to prove he is around the child.
  3. We have not gotten gotten ANY type of court order for visitation because she would not agree to any order we tried for, all she wants is money and the courts are so far agreeing with her. They actually wanted my husband to pay child support and not get visitation at all on a temporary basis because of the visitation disagreement. Our attorney was smart enough to stop that one. And as for visitation when ever it begins it is already in the works to have the child dropped off at the police station so that we have NO contact with the mother. Getting her to bring the child there will be another thing. The mother refused paternity testing for 18 months until we took her to court.