Thanks for the update on your current case

Thanks for the update on your current case.

The incidental factual details of a case can be sometimes interesting. However, the value of posted messages could be greatly enhanced if information for more general applications is included: legal strategy and pointers, applied principles of Family Law, etc.

For example:

“My lawyer pulled out a list of items we discovered during our preparation…”

This is really interesting for it raises questions as to how those documents obtained, how the employer was compelled to produce such testimony, how the hidden business was uncovered… etc.

In terms of the forgery and lies, how would one expect this to impinge on the CS aspect of the case? (Fully custody was already awarded to our member dad.)

Now that the other party is forced to pay all attorney fees a _full-scale_ offensive (and discovery process) is possible without any worries as to legal fees.

Brilliant outcome… but was this a bonus added on the judge’s own accord, or something you planned in advance?

Lastly, why is a third-party getting involved in suing the party liable for child support? In effect, that may greatly diminish her pay-out capacity, ie. funds going to your children.

Looks like your case was very well prepared, and is now heading in the right direction.