Update on my custody case…

This is for those who had e-mailed me asking to let them now what happens next on my case.

I was awarded custody last October and the situation was that she claimed to have been terminated due to disability and could not work therefore, she could not pay Child Support.

Since we often hear about what losers men are and how they try to get away from paying CS and that we are crooked, here is one the shows how women can be too. I won’t get lengthy I will only put the highlights from todays court hearing:

– Her lawyer said that she is unemployed and therefore does not have an income.

– My lawyer pulled out a list of items we discovered during our preparation:

* She was terminated because she stoled the original employment contract in order to tamper her copy with the intention to sue the company for a million dollars (she lied on court documents)

* She claimed on the court documents during the case before she was terminated that she earns 40K/year. She actually earned 50K + 3% comm. Total earnings last year until 9/200 was 53K and the company owes her another 14 to 20K ( another court document lie)

* She is selling the home and is living with parents now.

* She is going back to college to get a business degree

* She has started a company and is hiding it from us

The Judge decided to set the case to a special court hearing to allow a full day of trial. She is in risk of being charged with contempt for lying on court documents at least 3 times, forgery, failure to pay child support, required to pay all my legal fees from today on, and her ex employer is preparing to sew her and file about three charges on her.

It does not look pretty does it. I hope people see that its not men or women, its individuals. There are losers, low lives good for nothings on both sides and I certainly had one for an ex-wife.

I’ll update after the next court case…Good luck to all…